Embedding cinder in a form application


Hello everyone,

We’re a small team working on a cross-platform application (MacOS and Windows).
At the heart of our application there’s an interactive OpenGL scene which we want to do with cinder.
Around that, we have to have a normal native UI form, which we can do separately for each OS (Cocoa and WinForms respectively).

We are aware of projects like NanoGUI and imgui, but we don’t have to resources to venture those options at this point.

I couldn’t find any samples for cinder apps of that sort. Are you aware of any?
If not, we’d love to hear some ideas and guideline for approaching this kind of project.



You can use the Win32 SetParent method to attach the cinder window as a child to your Windows Forms application window. This method is a hack though so be warned. Eg. you will have to deal with odd issues that arise from manipulation of the Windows window hierarchy tree, like window focus not behaving as expected.