PS3Eye as microphone array


I was playing with a PS3Eye on Mac for some sound source localization tests using its 4 microphone array.

ci::audio successfully recognized the hardware and interpreted it as 4 channels 16000hz input device.
But the data comes in doesn’t seem correct. (I was using Manyears and couldn’t get anything meaningful).

So I teared down my ps3Eye and tested the input channels by covering up individual mic.
It seems that all 4 channels Cinder is reading in are from microphone 1 or 3, or those 2 channels get a much bigger gain than mic no.2 and 4 internally? And the weird thing is that, even if I use paper to directly touch mic no.2 and 4, it doesn’t generate noisy signals at all.

I assume on Mac a PS3eye can be recognized as an ALSA device so no driver are needed?
Does anyone has tried hookup their ps3eye as a microphone array? Any thoughts?


Update: I tried it again on a windows machine, after installing the CL-EYE driver, its now reading correct data for every channel. But still curious to know what could be the possible issue on mac.