What is a mswID and what is a mswType?

I found these when i try to use loadResource() instead of loadAsset(), however it reminded me that i need a mswID and a mswType as parameters. What should i do? I can’t find any information about these things.:sob:

Hey there,

Those values have to do with how MSVC handles resource files (.rc extension) You don’t need to specify those values directly however, there are some convenience macros that when set up correctly will allow you to load resources on all platforms the same. You can find the docs on that here towards the bottom (sorry, the webpage had an error in it and was only recently fixed, so the page I just linked to is the 0.9.2.dev version coming from github master branch).

You can also see how resources are used in some of the samples, such as _audio/BufferPlayer. Note these files:

Oh! Now I understand that. Thank you very much for your help!:heart_eyes: