Android Building on Windows Host


How to build cinder for android on Windows Host please ?

I test with linus bash on windows 10 !


Hey @colin,

I’m currently working on this. Unfortunately the necessary tools on Windows are not there yet. We use CMake to generate Makefiles or Ninja build files for Android. There isn’t a reliable ‘make’ program on Windows that doesn’t look like it was some random binary off of the internet. And currently, the generator for Ninja is producing build files where the path separator on Windows \ - is escaping characters instead of separating paths. I’ve put some effort into getting this addressed.


Is there any progress with this matter. I could really use compiling an app to android in windows right now.

Maybe look at this topic

Basically most of the work is already done - just someone who knows Android needs to wrap up the loose ends

Any progress on this? NDK for windows has improved quite a bit - what kind of problems were you running into?