Capture with Raspbery Pi Camera Module

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience with using the Camera Module on Raspberry Pi? Will Capture class work out of the box?

I want to build modules that capture streams using the cam module and do some OpenCV operations on it. I can go with the route of using OpenCV’s own VideoCapture class but that means building additional libs and I’d like to skip that if possible.


I don’t think that Capture will work. There’s no Capture in linux, only a pull request as far as I know.

I successfully used raspicam a couple of years ago.

I can share the results if you need it.


Hey Gabor,

Thanks for the quick reply. Just checked the RaspiCam lib you mentioned and it seems it can handle the job. Although I found this thread where a user complains about RaspiCam being slow due to “system calls” and how he wants to use OpenCV’s own capture class. How was your experience in terms of speed/performance? I’d greatly appreciate it if you can share results :slight_smile: cheers!

Also I have one semi-unrelated question. When working on a Pi, do you use any IDE to code and debug? Or do you code on other platforms and just build them on Pi?

I used it for and AR project. The image was processed with an AR framework, and the framerate was fine even on a Pi 2. Of course it depends on what you would like to use it for.

I just built it on the Pi. On these new Pi boards this is quite fast now I think. What I also did thanks to the cross platform nature of Cinder that I mainly developed the project on a laptop with Cinder Capture and tested with raspicam on Pi from time to time.

Thanks a lot Gabor for the info :slight_smile:

Yeah I figured I could go with the routine of working with Cinder’s Capture and then just building on the Pi with RaspbiCam but I wanted to ask if anyone is using other methods. I also found about Geany which seems to be a lightweight IDE that will also work on a Pi.

Good to know about Geany, thanks. Although I use vim that also works everywhere :).