Cinder-3DTools: Maya (and C4D WIP) TriMesh Exporter

Hey All,

I needed to export a bunch geometry from Maya to Cinder’s TriMesh format with things like color, texture paths, and transforms. So I wrote a simple exporter for Maya:

This is by no means a replacement for a larger, more full featured pipeline like glTF, just a quick solution when you just need to export some geometry from Maya!

Usage samples:

// Load
std::vector<simplescene::Node> nodes = simplescene::load( getAssetPath( "Basic/Basic.xml" ) );
// Draw
for( auto& node : nodes ) {

Sample of scene XML:

Screenshots - I didn’t replicate the Maya shaders, so the lighting is different.


Haven’t merged this into the master branch yet, but the Cinema 4D version of the exporter is starting to work: