Cinder appreciation post

This year it will be 10 years since I first started using Cinder.

I have been using it since then almost on a daily basis. It contributes for the largest part of my income.

As a more chaotic mind & coder I’m extremely grateful to have large setups running non-stop for many years, thanks to the well crafted foundation of Cinder.

Although the community is rather small the feedback given is always of very high quality.

So I owe you all a huge dept for that.

As for the future.

I’m currently rebuilding an older touchwall project.

The ability to run it on multiple platforms with cmake and easily add and remove blocks is a game changer for me. As well as having gstreamer on Linux changes a lot. Lastly also a shoutout to scenegraphs like poScene who made it easier to build commercial applications.

Thank you all.


Thanks very much for the kind words. I know it’s very gratifying for all of us working on Cinder to be reminded of this kind of thing - thanks for taking the time to say as much.

As for my own contributions, I do have a backlog of code that is approaching being ready for PR. Hoping to have more to say on all that soon.



Thanks Andrew and the Cinder community, after 10+ years, Cinder is the default solution for almost every C++ projects of me. Really enjoy using it.


I’d also like to chime in and thank Andrew and everyone who’s every contributed to Cinder. It’s a cornerstone of my ~7 year on-going hobby software project.