Here is another non-Quicktime Windows video option to throw into the mix.

This one is based on OpenCV3. If you have the OpenCV3 block, install this into Cinder and now you have video. It has some handy features like seek, playback speed, and looping. It doesn’t have the hardware acceleration of HAP, but it’s relatively portable and easy to set up (will add a cinderblock.xml file soon for easy installation). Also includes a sample video of my butt skimming down a hill on a mini-wing. :wink:

No alpha channel or non-8-bit-RGB support yet (but shouldn’t be too tough to implement). There is also no audio right now. You’ll have to roll your own likely by loading the audio as a separate file and syncing them manually. Because it’s OpenCV there is cross-platform potential, but I just haven’t explored it yet.


thx for sharing this!
Looking forward to replace QT with something more portable and less closed.
Also reading the OpenCV 3.0 docs it seems that capturing to video is also relatively easy.