CinderWMF with threaded loading?

Hey Embers,

I know hardware accelerated decoding of video in OpenGL on Windows is kind of a four-letter word but it’s important to me, so I might as well dive headlong into it. I recently checked out @paul.houx’s most recent build of the CinderWMF cinder block.

After a days worth of testing I narrowed down the video format I can use with it, and that it seems to perform quite well. There’s a bit of a pause involved in the WMFplayer however, likely due to the files and memory allocation it goes through. Since windows code is a bit of a hellscape, I thought I’d try to solve this matter on the Cinder side, and share the OpenGL context with a thread and create the WMFplayer in it. Unfortunately, this seems to anger the WMFplayer as the internal mState member variable of CPlayer never becomes PAUSED and playback is never able to proceed.

So I’m asking if anyone else may have tried to get the WMFPlayer block loaded in a seperate thread with any luck?

I recall merging some code months ago in the CPlayer which I might take another gander at. It includes a non-blocking call to what I believe is the WMF platform in the OpenURLAsync function, but I ended up never actually testing/using it back then.

I’ve created a separate code example that starts the block in a separate thread if anyone is curious.

Any thoughts on the matter are most welcome. Thanks in advance!