Connected drawing


The art academy in my hometown Antwerp asked me to develop a simple application using wacoms which can produce gifs without the hassle of doing everything manually like the adobe suite.
It was more fun than expected so we kept on adding features to see what could be fun.
So currently we have.

  • linewidths
  • recording data to txt files
  • networked drawing by using osc broadcast.
  • saving of gifs strokes and layered ones.

First test at art festival.

Giving the following output:

Last week I modified it a bit so I could invert the colors and added Paul Houx’s wrapping to project on a building.

In case somebody is interested all code is available on github.

Have to warn you it’s kinda ugly by Cinder standards :slight_smile:
Somethings are structured in a strange way because we experimented with different approaches.