Dynamically Call Warp Keyboard Methods

Hello and good day

Using the Warping block. Is any possibility to call the Warp methods existing in the keyboard {add X points, remove X points and so on} without editing too much the existing library?

I’ve been trying to create KeyEvents using CGEventSourceRef and CGEventSourceCreate(kCGEventSourceStateCombinedSessionState) to simulate WarpBilinear.cpp keypresses but it hasn’t work very well. I end with keypressed loops (also because of the way I’m using the GUI). I wonder if there is any strightforward way to do this without messing too much with the package.

Thanks in advance, Luis

Hi Luis,

nearly all methods to manipulate the warp are public, so you can call them directly from your code. So if you’re not happy with the provided editor, or you want to programmatically change the warp, just call the warp’s methods directly.