Get key pressed inside update loop?


I would like to get the key pressed status inside the update() loop, rather than overriding the keyDown() function. Is this possible? Reasons for this is because the keyDown is too slow in giving me updates about key status, and I need it to be sampled as fast as the update loop (otherwise everything looks sluggish)


I have found a workaround to this using imgui, but now having issues with key released.

This seems surprising, the keyDown callbacks should happen instantly (part of the reason they are separated from the update loop is to be faster than 60hz i imagine). Do you have some more information to share about what is appearing too slow and your target platform etc?

There seems to be a bug in Cinder on unix, which has been there for well over a year and hasn’t been fixed : . I managed to overcome the issue in the original post (by leveraging ImGui’s integration), but i stopped using cinder partly because the keyUp function is broken (at least on some distros like arch) I have tested a branch from Feb 2020 and it had the same issues, and it still persists in the current branch (maybe an issue with SDL so not sure tbh)