HAPQ alpha support

I just inform you that HAP codec support the fourth codec HAP Q alpha.
Since version 10 it supported under windows and osx.

I think that is not supported by one cinder block for the moment !

Would anyone work on it ?


As far as I am aware, QuickTime for Windows hasn’t been updated since the Great Fire of London in 1666. Therefor I would consider it a waste of time to work on support for HAP. But that is just my two cents; everyone knows I hate QuickTime.

If you hate quicktime, how do you use for alpha video with performance and quality under windows ?

Don’t listen to me, Colin, I’m a grumpy old man when it comes to video. I tend to avoid video altogether, especially video with alpha channels.


I’ve been working on libglvideo, that supports HAPQ on Windows and Mac (at least). I’m preparing to release the first version in the next week, but you could start playing with it now. It requires CMake, and doesn’t have an explicit Cinder block (yet), but it’s easy enough to integrate:

using namespace glvideo;
Movie::ref mMovie = nullptr;
mMovie = Movie::create( Context::create( 4 ), path );
auto frame = mMovie->getCurrentFrame();
gl::Texture2dRef tex = nullptr;
if ( frame ) tex = gl::Texture2d::create( frame->getTextureTarget(), frame->getTextureId(), mMovie->getWidth(), mMovie->getHeight(), true /* doNotDispose */ );

I haven’t tested it with Alpha channels yet, but that should be pretty straightforward.

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Hello Heisters,

As you started the block cinder of libglvideo ?
I’m interested to test it !

I compiled with vc2015, but I can’t play video in folder examples\videos.
I tested with quicktime export in format hapQ, hap, Mjpeg but I can’t read or not display correctly.
Any idea ?


Sorry for bumping this old topic.

In our ongoing search for a HAP x64 Windows playback (yet another dead-end discovered here) I wanted to check if anyone has managed to make Heisters code work in Cinder?

I’ve seen that the repo has been updated 9 days ago, so my hopes are high that this might be a solution.


For those of you interested in libglvideo, this thread contains a reference to an example project that uses libglvideo and Cinder Frame Graph. Look at the README for details on building it. If you’re still having trouble, DM me or create an issue on GitHub. Sorry I didn’t see the updates to this thread until now.