Hardware (pc, cpu, gpu) recoms for 6 x 1080p output?


We are picking up cinder for a project again. (Really excited about that as it’s been a while.)
Our goal is to display the graphics app on 6 x 1080p projectors.

I was wondering if anyone here has a recommendation for the computer we need to build. Any graphic cards that we should / shouldn’t use? (e.g. cinder has problems or accels with?)
All projectors are blending into each other so we need to make sure graphics are in synch.
The design/motion is 2D-ish… with some creative text elements, displacement maps etc… nothing too heavy.

The project is happening rather soon, so we need hardware that’s available and doesn’t have crazy wait times.

Please forgive me if this is wrong place for hardware questions but i figured it’s very much cinder related.


Hey Daniel,

I’m working on a touchwall project now which has 8 x HD displays.
In the past I would use an exotic graphic card with multiple outputs but now I’m running of standard GeForce 2060.
I’m using two datapath fx4 splitters to split two 4K outputs of the geforce to the 8 screens.
I know the people of bluecadet have been using this type of setup for their touchwalls.