How to add a OpenGL 4.5 function?


We are currently working with a PBO to screencap the screen (which works great btw).
But the real goal is to capture from a FBO for that we need glNamedFramebufferReadBuffer which requires OpenGL 4.5

It’s possible to start cinder with opengl 4.5
CINDER_APP(CaptureStationApp, RendererGl(RendererGl::Options().version(4, 5)))
We also added the function to the gload files of 4.0 but still get linker errors.

Anyone can point us in the right direction.
Just lookin for a quick and dirty solution for now :slight_smile:



you may want to take a look at my glad branch, which replaces GLLOAD in favor of GLAD. The latter is still actively maintained and it’s easier to add support for extensions that are missing from the default.


Thx Paul.
Really easy way to update opengl versions.
Only strange thing is that I have to add glad_ for the command in order to use it.