How to read audio tracks from quicktome movie?

In my app I processing video frames from quicktime movie, getting them with ci::qtime::MovieGlRef.
Is it possible to get audio data from audio tracks of movie within cinder to process and play them?

I’m not sure if you can extract the data from Cinder, but you can always use ffmpeg to process the video file to get the audio.

You mean Cinder-FFmpeg block?

I meant calling ffmpeg from the command line and extracting the audio to disk.

O! That’s unexpected.
I’ll keep this idea as last solution, if no other will be found.
Thank you.
But how to get it with cinder?

You run something like the following command with std::system:

ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -vn -acodec copy audio.mp4

See if this is helpful.


Thank you eight_io.
I’ve seen this before, and it has great link, but it’s in Objective-C. For now it does not help - i think I should dive into Objective-C, but not yet :frowning: