Librealsense block?

Is someone working on a CinderBlock for librealsense? I’m planning on using the camera from Cinder and about to start working on this.


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It’s quite easy to download a pre-built version and add the library to your project. RealSense’s documentation has a few nice samples to get you up and running. A seasoned veteran like yourself should be able to do this in a few hours. :slight_smile:

Recently I used the RealSense SDK myself. I decided to build the library myself, so that I was certain to have 64-bit support. Again, this was easy. The SDK comes with support for CMake and is easy to build. I used the following command:

cmake ".\CMakeLists.txt" -G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64"

TL;DR: I don’t think you need a Cinder block for it. But let me know if you are having trouble. I might create a quick 'n dirty block for it to help you out.


P.S.: good to know: most classes in the SDK use implicit shared pointers, so they use an internal shared pointer and are pretty lightweight when copied. The SDK also comes with a nice concurrent buffer (rs2::frame_queue) which can be used to pass captured frames from one thread to another.


We’ve been working on a separate oF add-on and were going to port that to Cinder for an upcoming project, but likely not until late September. Like @paul.houx said, getting started was pretty straightforward, but it would be great to have a basic block. Am excited to see more folks use these cameras now (and seeing them in stock in more places). We’ll see if we get around to sharing our oF add-on here later today if it helps; it’s still pretty basic itself.


Thanks guys! Thank you Paul for the suggestions.