Linker error when using Poco (with cmake on linux)

Hello All,

I’m looking at cinder to replace some visualization I’m currently doing with VTK.
I’m using cmake on ubuntu 16.04, and my project currently uses Eigen, CUDA, OpenCV, and Poco.
I’m trying to use the ci_make_app command in my cmake file, but despite the fact that I pass in ${Poco_LIBRARIES} in the LIBRARIES field, I get linker errors of the form:

undefined reference to `Poco::DirectoryIterator::DirectoryIterator(std::string const&)’

Any ideas as to why things aren’t working? I assume there’s some conflict between my current cmake stuff to build everything else, and whatever the libcinder cmake functions are doing.

Has anyone else made the cmake+poco+cinder combo work?


it would be very helpful to have some more info in order to debug this. Can you post the output of CMake during the configuration step? Is ${Poco_LIBRARIES} actually defined and if yes can you post the output of this variable ? Also how do you try to find Poco ? i.e are you using some form of FindPoco.cmake ? Do the other libraries that you are using link properly and its just Poco that has this issue ?

Maybe we can be more of help if we have those additional infos!


EDIT: Just a suggestion from the top of my head is to try this also
Linker errors: MongoDB CXX Driver on Linux

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You are amazing! Thank you very much. The gcc ABI issue was indeed the culprit.