[solved] Filesystem related linker error on osx

Hey All,

Having this project on different platforms which works great due the cmake integration :slight_smile:
But on one osx machine I sometimes get linker errors on filesystem related stuff.
I fixed it previously by changing the compiler to c++11 or 17 but this doesn’t fix it for now.

I would like to understand the problem here, instead of guessing for solutions.
Is it some compiler difference between the cinder lib & my project?

Found some clues on internet.
It’s solved by putting my osx deployment version to a higher number like 10.15.

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Good to know. Is this a change that should be made to cinder samples or projects created with TinderBox?

The project was generated with cmake.

I do have a rule in my cmake file for windows computers set(CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD 17)
But this doesn’t seem to affect my osx project. I had a wild guess this version of c++ needs a features which aren’t available in the older os targets