Mac: video colors are different in Cinder and Quicktime

When playing back a video with Cinder, the colors are different than with Quicktime.

When using the Digital Color Meter utility to check the color of a 75% grey area in Cinder, the pixel value is 191, whereas in Quicktime, it is 198, as described in the Evaluating an Application’s Video Color Apple documentation.

In the screenshot above I compare the QuicktimeBasic example from Cinder and the AVMovieEditor example from Apple using the Color test pattern downloaded from here (under Related Links at the bottom right of the page).

Is there a way to get Cinder to present the colors the same way as Quicktime?

EDIT: it looks like the 1.961/2.2 gamma ‘correction’ is not applied in cinder, whereas it is applied in Quicktime. This means that Cinder in fact shows the actual pixel values (75% of 255 is 191, not 198). Still, I believe it would be good if there was an easy option to apply the native color transformation to movies in Cinder as they are applied in Quicktime.