New Cinder job board

I’ve been working with the folks behind to help developers in our industry find jobs quickly and easily. It’ll be focused on interactive developers and creative coders using Cinder, TouchDesigner, Max MSP, Processing, Unity, Unreal, vvvv, and similar tools. The site will feature both long-term positions and short-term contracts.

You can visit to see the listings and sign up for the mailing list to be the first to hear about jobs. I believe they’re just getting their Facebook page and Messenger bots up and running so I’ll post the link to those when they’re live.

Happy to pass on requests to the devs!

Elburz Sorkhabi // Creative + Technology // nVoid

3 Likes doesn’t work, does.

Thanks for the note. I sent a note to the devs about that. In the meantime I put www in the link. Thanks!