Render SVG file by string

Does Cinder support the ability to get a string and create SVG file from it? or to create kind of SVG file like bitmap(or any other buffers)?

Like this:

SVG doc;
doc.loadByString("<svg><text x='0' y='15' fill='red'> SVG </text></svg>"));

//now, doc include  SVG file

I would like also to know if a file containing a Text tag can be loaded by Cinder (by the loadAsset function or any other function that loads SVG files)

Something like this maybe?

std::string svgString = "<svg><text x='0' y='15' fill='red'> SVG </text></svg>";
BufferRef buffer = Buffer::create( (void *)svgString.c_str(), svgString.size() );
DataSourceBufferRef dataSource = DataSourceBuffer::create( buffer );
svg::DocRef doc = svg::Doc::create( dataSource );

About your second question, the svg reader has a Text node, so it should work.

Thanks for the quick reply! But Iā€™m looking for more than that. After loading the string I need to convert the doc sto buffer bitmap.
Something like this:

 Bitmap bitmap = doc.renderToBitmap()
 BufferRef buffer2= Buffer::create((void*),bitmap.size())

I need the buffer to be gray-scale and not RGBA but it is not very necessary. Is it possible to convert the doc object to a buffer?

What is your use case?
Did you check the svg samples? This is how you can render a Surface from an svg.

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