[RFC] Cross-platform CMake support


Hi, don’t want to make a new thread for this as it’s a pretty simple question. I’ve recently installed CLion and greatly prefer it over XCode, so I found this when trying to figure out how to get Cinder to work with the IDE. However, this does appear to be for the “Cinder for Android and Linux ports”. Does that mean that using this branch of Cinder will not allow for creating applications for Windows (/OS X)? And if it doesn’t, is this version of Cinder compatible with code from the main branch - assuming no linux/android specific work is done?

Thanks. Hopefully this hasn’t been asked before, couldn’t find anything on it.


Hey there,

We try to keep the android_linux branch in sync with master branch, so yes it can be used for other platforms as well. It is actually nearing completion, soon we will begin the process of getting it merged into master (which will involve a separate forum post to look out for).



Awesome. That’s great news Rich, I’m sure I look forward to it.