I'd like to build and use Cinder on Arch Linux. Any tips?

So, I’m using Arch Linux atm and I’m pretty pleased with how lightweight and fast XFCE is on this old box. I’d like to explore the possibility of building and using Cinder on Arch, but I haven’t found much info on a reasonable approach.

Any advice would be appreciated thanks.

Hey there,

You’ll find documentation for the ‘officially supported’ flavors of linux here, so as Arch Linux isn’t on there I’d suggest following one of those and you might have to fill in the details when it comes to installing dependencies. Also at current (but hopefully not for long), make sure you’re either on the android_linux or cmake (soon to be merged into android_linux) branch.



I tried Arch on the RPi2 so the process should be similar – You can find the steps I followed here .


Thank you kindly friends. Been digging around a little into the Cinder codebase this morning. I’ll examine both your advice.

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I’ve been trying to use the advice from Petros specifically since the RPi2 build is based on Arch. I’m able to install the dependencies successfully with the exception of the “Boost submodule for Cinder is installed” (not sure what ‘Boost submodule’ that is).

First I ran into a couple of issues I was able to get past by adding an #include<> directive into a couple of files, but the next ones that didn’t help, and I figure it’s probably related to the cmake stuff. Once I had a look at the ‘configure.cmake’ file, I knew I was in way over my head haha.

2nd pic related

My apologies if this level of detail is inappropriate in this forum.


boost comes as git submodule when you clone Cinder from Github.

You will have to checkout the branch of Cinder you want to work with ( from what I see you are using the cmake branch right now ) and then run :

git submodule update --init

This will actually fetch boost for you. Just a small clarification also – The RPi2 build is not based on Arch I just tried it as a more lightweight alternative to Raspbian Jessie which is the ‘officially’ supported platform for Cinder on the RPi2.


Might want to use this to be sure all submodules are checked out:
git submodule update --init --recursive

You can find more info on boost here.

Thanks for the advice guys. Admittedly, I don’t have much knowledge about git other than the basics of cloning. I tried building again, and the build broke at the identical point as before:

pic related

BTW, I went ahead and did an #include<> of the appropriate header for the bitrate_manager_state & bitrate_manager_info declarations into the codec_internal.h but it didn’t help.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification. I was happy to see the dependencies for Arch spelled out on your previous link (all of which I installed successfully) as the Debian ones aren’t available to me. And a clarification on my part too: As far as I know, I’m trying to build the Linux branch. I simply followed the instructions on the link you provided before verbatim.

Thanks for the tip. Yup, I’ve used Boost in the past for the filesystem library until recently when the new C++ TS version has become available in my compiler. Boost is amazing and a very good idea for the standards process to explore ideas in a non-binding way.