Setting on CentOS7 and compile error


[ 29%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/cinder.dir/shared/Cinder-Android/src/cinder/gl/ShaderPreproces sor.cpp.o
/shared/Cinder-Android/src/cinder/gl/ShaderPreprocessor.cpp:26:32: fatal error: cinder/gl/Platform.h : No such file or directory
#include “cinder/gl/Platform.h”
compilation terminated.

why it says no such file, I have checked several times the Platform.h is right there, I’m using Cmake 3.6 and NDK r11c.

It is a solved problem, just rename the Platform.h to platform.h, be careful if anybody else sync to v0.8.6-2997-g614ca4f :slight_smile:

Huh, that’s odd, as I see here in the android_linux branch that the include is correctly lower case. Also this file was introduced in v0.9.0…