SHOWCASE: Cinder spectral analysis + Houdini

Hey all.

Thought i’d share a quick project where we used cinder in both the R&D and production phase. This was quite a quick project to build ‘in house’ visual research and data pipeline tools (rather than a big installation build) but I always like seeing what people are making with Cinder so thought i’d share it anyway.

Here is a quick writeup of the Cinder part, and did a nice full writeup of the project Here.

Dont forget to share your projects!


Looks cool In some cases I like the rawness of the analysis shots more than the actual houdini renders ::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Really nice music visualizer. I love the polished outcome. Thanks for sharing and great write-up!

It’s amazing to see how a compact description of your project results in such a polished outcome! The visuals are beautiful and getting that much detail into a small area is really impressive.