[Solved] Creating 3D text

Hey Embers,

I’m interested in rendering three dimensional text. My cursory investigation didn’t lead me to find any simple straightforward libraries, nor is it my current understanding that Cinder supports this natively.

However, given that it’s possible to get the shape of a glyph, I’ve already started investigating the possibility of creating simple character shapes in 3D to write my own simple 3D text renderer.

I’m just writing to ask if anyone knows of any libraries that do the heavy lifting of turning a string into a collection of vertices, or if someone has a better idea/advice about how to leverage cinder to accomplish this.


Hey Gazoo.

I’m fairly sure you can do everything you need natively in cinder. I havent done this before personally but if you take a look at the “Extrude” example in the samples folder they use mFont.getGlyphShape to get the 2D shape of the letter which can then be used with geom::Extrude to extrude it into a solid mesh. Equally if you dont need the text to have a thickness you can just use the glyph shape to render in 3D by triangulating it into a mesh using the Triangulator functions (see “Triangulation” sample).

Hope this helps.


Hey felixfaire,

I found out that Shape2d is directly renderable via various draw() and drawSolid() calls.The extrude sample you mentioned really has some helpful stuff in it. I’m sure I’ll get through it in no time. Much appreciated!