Using Syphon Block

I am on the master branch of Cinder (and just pulled today), but I’m unable to get the Syphon block ( to work. I’m getting the error:

boost/signals2.hpp file not found

How do I fix this issue?

Hi ketsully,

boost/signals2.hpp is not used by cinder anymore, that’s why you get an error.

I had the same issue a while ago, it’s fixed in here:

There are a couple of methods for publishing textures that are not working, but if you do it like this it should:

    vec2 syphonSize = { 2160,1080 };
    mSyphonServer.bind( syphonSize );
    gl::draw( tex, Rectf(0,0, syphonSize.x, syphonSize.y) );

Thank you!! I’ll try it out