Very recent drawing glitch


I am drawing the image below(image 1) in cinder and it has recently become glitchy. It should show a pixel style face with black hair on a green background(image 2). The face is an image and the background is drawn using gl::drawSolidRect(.

It use to work fine until today. Only thing i could think of is a windows 10 update on 14/01/2018 that updated the display drivers. Also experienced slow down in my chrome browser starting around the same time.

Anyone had something similar happen to them?

[image 1]

[image 2]

EDIT: So this seems to happen when i am loading images on a worker thread and showing this image in the main thread. When i do everything on the main thread(show image and load other images) it does not happen. So i guess it is to do with opengl context on a worker thread.