Wanna Create gl::VboMesh from geom::Cube

hello. this is my first Post

I mainly use it to produce 3D games.

I moved from cinder 0.8.6 to 0.9.1 one week ago, but I noticed that the functions around gl :: draw are very heavy and I looked at various articles and read this topic.

What I want to do specifically is to display several cubes

So I tried it all but I can not create gl :: VboMesh from geom :: Cube by all means.

How can I create it?

I’m not very used to speaking English so if you have written a difficult article to read, I apologize.
Thanks read.


gl::VboMeshRef mesh = gl::VboMesh::create( geom::Cube() );

then later

gl::draw ( mesh );

Thank you snepo.