What replaces setConsoleWindowEnabled?

setConsoleWindowEnabled seems to be gone in the latest ver. What replaces it?

It seems like it’s still there: https://github.com/cinder/Cinder/blob/e5a75c5f14664ff66befc554ad2396bd6696e94e/include/cinder/app/msw/AppMsw.h#L41 You have to call it when you first start your app in the app settings, I’m not sure if this is different than it used to be. In your main file it looks like this:

CINDER_APP(MainApp, RendererGl, [&](ci::app::App::Settings *settings)

In this example I’m using a lambda to make it easy, but you could also have a function you call separately to do your settings. It only happens once at the very beginning of your app.


Thanks, that works. I missed it before.