What's the state of Cinder for Android?

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a 9k LOC Cinder app that works perfectly on Windows.

I’d like to port it to Android now, while still using Cinder. Would that be wise?

More specifically:

  • Any missing features that I’m gonna bump into? or,
  • Any serious bugs?
  • Would it be hard to make my app fit Android’s UI conventions?
  • Does the camera API work well? Including access to Android’s “Camera2” api

TIA :slight_smile:

Hi Stefan,

I used the Android port recently. In my opinion it’s still experimental. You can count on it that you will encounter issues. I only did things that I would normally do from Cinder, no special Android stuff. It works ok, but not as fluent as it is on other plafroms. Probably there are not many Android Cinder users at the moment, so it’s also a bit difficult to get help if you are stuck. On the other hand, it’s quite convenient that your Cinder code can run on Android with some effort. It’s probably much less work than rewriting the whole code in some other environment.


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I basically agree with Gabor - things are certainly possible with Cinder on Android, but there is work to be done there by the developer, especially around the build and debug environment. The thing is that the original port and subsequent projects (which were funded) were multiple years ago now, and there currently isn’t much support for regular core contributors. Contributions like these would be very welcome. :slight_smile:. Currently, we really need a big update on the build system since it has changed so much over the years.

All in all, most of the cinder codebase is cross platform and designed to be easy to get up and running on whatever platform is necessary, so porting a Windows application to Android shouldn’t be a very difficult task for any seasoned developer… especially those that are already experienced with developing native applications on Android.


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