Hey all,

wanted to share some recent work that I did to bring Newtek’s NDI protocol into a first version of a Cinder block. You can read all about NDI but in short its a highly efficient video-over-IP protocol that aims LAN’s. The code is pretty minimal to get it up an running and the samples illustrate the sender-receiver concept. I made a short video where some of Cinder’s examples have been pumped with NDI capabilities and are streaming their pixels to showcase the idea ( the sender is running on OS X and the receiver on a Linux VMware locally on the same machine ).


The video used is big buck bunny 1080@30fps from Blender.

I think its cool and has quite some potential applications in both commercial and non-commercial creative projects. Programs like Spout, Resolume and Syphon have also started to provide support and in general any NDI-supported hardware/software can act as a source for a Cinder-NDI receiver and vice-versa which also opens up quite some possibilities.

You can find it here .

Hope you enjoy!

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