3d positioning of text with Cinder-SdfText

Does anyone have experience with positioning text in 3d using the SdfText block?

Right now I’m able to manually position each character in 2d for text effects using getGlyphPlacementsWrapped():

mGlyphMap = mSdfText->getGlyphPlacementsWrapped(text, bounds, drawOptions);

for (auto& pair : mGlyphMap) {
    pair.second = ci::vec2(ci::randFloat(0, 800), ci::randFloat(0, 800));

mSdfText->drawGlyphs(mGlyphMap, ci::vec2(50, 50), drawOptions);

But there’s no version of the GlyphPlacements that uses ci::vec2, only ci::vec3. I also thought about just manually keeping track of z position in a separate std::vector<float> and manually calling gl::translate() on a glyph-by-glyph basis, but there’s no way to draw each glyph separately either.

It looks like it’s not possible to do this with the current block out-of-the-box, so I’m curious if anyone has figured out a clever way to do it with the block or if I’ll need to modify the block itself. If it’s the latter, I’d also appreciate any advice about the best approach for implementing this into the block!