Android : textures not being displayed

Can’t get textures to show up under Android, did something change in Cinder code ? (it was working last august).
drawString is not working either.

I’m experiencing something similar. Some of the textures are displayed, but some are not. I didn’t try drawString, but texts rendered with TextBox show up. Have you figured this out?


My issue was connected to reading the images from the sdcard. I got fopen error. Since texts were read ok, I changed the image loading similar to how it is done.

instead of

image = loadImage( loadFile( url ) );

I had to use

auto dataSource = loadFile( url );
auto buffer = dataSource->getBuffer();
DataSourceBufferRef dataSourceBuffer = DataSourceBuffer::create( buffer );
image = loadImage( dataSourceBuffer );

cool, i must say i recently tried to recompile a (rather simple) project i managed to port to android last year, but i could not make it (i updated my linuxbox in the meantime, changed ndk version, and well too much things i don’t want to learn came up, finally i gave up). But, yes at some point, i managed to get textures and font texts working on an android tablet.


ps: for the simple app i still want to port to android, i found that gomobile was enough.