App idea. Is cinder the way to go?

Hi People,

Although I have been programming in various guises for over 10 years. I have never formally studied the craft and thus by all accounts you can still safely call me a n00b.

I’ve always wanted to push myself to the next level, and I might finally have an excuse to do so. I have an idea for a mobile app, it’s super simple. As you move your finger across the screen it reveals a lush sound whose parameters are mapped to the position of your finger. I have the audio engine 100% down, and will be using libpd for that part.

For the UI I want it to display a colourful beaded curtain across the screen. As you pull back the curtain the sound is revealed.

That’s all.

I could use something like this for the physics engine:

But my question to you is should I endeavour to attempt this with Cinder? Is this a good first project to learn Cinder? (Remember I’m a certified n00b - especially with graphics programming). And what resources would you recommend so that I can start learning about Cinder in order to bring to life this idea?

Thank you.

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