Developing for iOS

Hi all, I used Cinder 0.85 many years ago to develop a couple of demos on iOS and am looking at getting back into my hobby. It seems a lot has changed since then (rotation and touches are broken in my old code) and I was wondering if anyone can give me a quick update on the state of Cinder and its compatibility with the latest iOS. Any links to an up to date demo project building for iOS would be super appreciated. Thanks!

AFAIK it works, occasionally the xcode proj file needs an update here and there, however I haven’t personally run a cinder app on iOS for years now. The APIs we use are a bit outdated and I think the original authors (including myself) have since moved their focus to other platforms due in part to Apple’s move to lock developers in to their own proprietary graphics apis and tools.This made writing cross platform apps including iOS / OS X cumbersome and in many situations not worth the effort. Still, the abstraction is there and we’d welcome contributions from those interested in improving that platform.

I do believe there is a public wrapper that gives you Metal support in a cinder app, might be worth looking into that. Aside from this, search for samples that include an xcode_ios folder, those are the ones that have been built with iOS support in the past.


Hi Rich, thanks for the update. I’ll try and have a go and see where I land. It looks like OpenFrameworks is in a similar position. It’s a shame about the proprietary stuff, as far as I’m aware it’s only really the 3d side of things, and personally I’m happy to keep using OpenGL ES instead of metal even though it’s deprecated on Apple’s platforms.

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