Audio Device selection using Dante Virtual Soundcard


Hello! I’m working on a project that is using Dante Virtual Soundcard to route audio to 8 different speakers (6 are mono directional and 2 are stereo). I’m able to identify Dante Virtual Soundcard devices and create OutputDeviceNodes and set the output in the context and play the audio out of my different speakers. The ultimate goal would be to simultaneously play different audio out of each speaker by pointing to the different devices, but I’m not sure this is possible without pointing the entire output of the context to one device. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Audio Device Selection with WMFVideo using Dante/ASIO

Hi there,

Are you using Cinder-PortAudio? Details on this post.



Hi Rich. In the tests I was doing, I was not using Cinder-PortAudio. I was mainly using the Audio API Guide as a reference. I played with Cinder-PortAudio when attempting to use ASIO and WMFVideo, post found here. Does Cinder-PortAudio support what I’m doing, or were you suggesting to look at the support provided for ASIO?



As far as I understood, you have to use ASIO for Dante devices (didn’t even realize it would work with WASAPI, cinder’s built-in audio backend on windows). So yes, you should use Cinder-PortAudio. With that route, you should get all your device’s channels showing up as one ci::audio::Device.