Audio Device Selection with WMFVideo using Dante/ASIO

Hi all. Working on an application that’s using WMFVideo. The system we have is using Dante and I added the block found here (Cinder-PortAudio: PortAudio as an alternative audio backend) that wraps PortAudio so that we could support ASIO. The wrapper works fine and I can identify the ASIO device and pass the ASIO device name when loading the WMFVideo. After some digging, it appears the only audio devices WMFVideo is identifying are the ones that I see in the Sound Settings of the Windows machine. I’m essentially just trying to get WMFVideo to pair with ASIO/Dante as an audio source. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there,

I think WMFVideo will be using some windows-specific (ex. direct sound or WASAPI) sound apis under the hood, same as whatever Windows Media Player uses. I think to do custom things with the audio, you need to dig in quite a bit (I think they call them Transforms in WMF nomenclature). Unfortunately, ASIO drivers primarily target pro audio gear, which is the flip end of the user spectrum compared to WMF. In someone else’s words.

One thing I guess you could look into would be using something like soundflower to route audio from your cinder .exe that is using WMFVideo, to a separate audio application using ASIO. I think you’d need two soundcards to make this work (since whatever process first talks to the ASIO driver will ‘own’ that device).

Though if anyone else has some suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I’m seeing more and more client projects targeting Dante gear, none of them requiring video playback yet but obviously that’s a use case.



Hi Rich! Thanks for the response and sorry for the delay here. We’ve been testing a bit, and using Dante Virtual Soundcard to create different devices appears promising, however we’re going to be looking into possible different video solutions. I’m having a similar issue with just audio that I posted here and I was wondering if you had any thoughts in regards to that. Thanks again for your response!

Hi @rich.e and @kevinzak,

We are working on a project that requires using Dante Virtual Soundcard to route audio to several speakers. We were able to get this working with WMFVideo.

In the Dante settings, choose WMD as the audio interface. Devices will show up in
Windows sound settings. From there, WMFVideo can use the name of the devices to output audio to the right channel.

Between the Virtual Soundcard and Speakers, TesiraForte DSP was used.

This might be a bit late for kevinzak’s questions. However, I hope this is helpful in the future.


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