Audio with Motu 828 Ultralite MK3, error when trying to play a wave file

I get cinder::audio::AudioFormatExc when I use my MOTU device, it works fine on any other device like the basic Realtek integrated soundcard. I tryed different values with mVDAnimation->mWindowSize with no success…

auto ctx = audio::Context::master();
auto scopeWaveFmt = audio::MonitorSpectralNode::Format().fftSize(mVDAnimation->mWindowSize * 2).windowSize(mVDAnimation->mWindowSize);
mMonitorWaveSpectralNode = ctx->makeNode(new audio::MonitorSpectralNode(scopeWaveFmt));

Any idea?
Thank you

I found out I had to enable Use WaveRT for Windows Audio

Hope it helps.

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What is the exception? I’ve never ticked that box to use WaveRT with motu devices. I thought it meant enable legacy drivers which we don’t use, so thought it was N/A.

Here is a screen capture:

PS: I got another exception on another topic, when the pc hasn’t got a microphone or line input it crashes also…

I’ve had a lot of trouble with MOTU on Windows myself. In my experience it’s infinitely easier to work with on OSX, though in theory it should all be possible through Windows. I don’t have any advice per se, but having been in Windows MOTU hell, I just wanted to wish you luck. It seems like you’re having a different issues than me, but here is the old thread I started. Maybe it will spark something even though it’s a separate problem. Outputting to multiple audio devices