Building cinder programs at command line

Hi, I’m completely new to cinder and would like to learn it.

However, I like to keep my development environments minimal and build my programs from the command line, but I can’t figure out how to do with with cinder. I can compile it ok, but I can’t link it.

I am using a Mac and brew cask installed cinder to “/Applications/cinder_0.9.1_mac/”. My makefile looks kinda similar to this one, except “-lcinder” isn’t found for me. If I instead try to manually link to the static archive in “/Applications/cinder_0.9.1_mac/lib/macosx/Release/libcinder.a”, I get a whole bunch of undefined symbols at linking time.

Can anyone help me with what I need to put in a makefile to build a cinder program? Thanks.


Welcome to Cinder. Since the referenced stackoverflow post a command line CMake build system was developed for Cinder. You don’t have to write your own makefile anymore. Read more about it here:


Thanks, I’ll check it out