Cinder v0.9.1 Released

Cinder v0.9.1 is live and official. Please give the release notes a read if you’re interested in a summary of what’s new.

macOS 0.9.1 Packaged Release
MSW 0.9.1 Packaged Release

Thanks to the very long list of people who helped work on this release - in fact 43 people contributed code commits on this one.

For those working from github, the repo should reflect “0.9.2dev” now in the master branch.



First and foremost - Super awesome job to everyone who contributed to Cinder 0.9.1. I’ve only perused the changes briefly, and I’m eager to move on to the next version.

I’m on the Windows platform and I’ve previously compiled my own versions of libcinder for reasons that currently escape me, but I have a niggling feeling these reasons will resurface as soon as I start moving to this newer version of Cinder.

Under the CMAKE guide there’s an entry regarding windows, it basically states to use the provided Visual Studio project files. I presume it means the ones I found for Cinder 0.9.0 in the cinder_0.9.0_vc2013/vc2013/ folder. However in this latest (v0.9.1) release, this folder doesn’t exist?

Was this perhaps overlooked?


P.s In the somewhat same vein, the Cinder + Git guide referenced in the 0.9.1 guides, seems to be a bad link… :frowning:

Project files are now in proj/vc2013/ matey.

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That’s some turnaround - downloading now (edit: they were there all along, d’oh). Many thanks!

I’ve also just noticed that in the previous release (which may have been amended in the new one?) the /x64/ directory is empty - i.e. no pre-compiled x64 version of libcinder.