Cinder + Kinectv2 via KCB2 compile error

I want to get started with Cinder and my Kinect for Windows v2.
Compiling my own project or any sample projects provided by Cinder-KCB2 results in this compilation error:

1>D:\Developer\Libraries\Cinder-0.9.3\blocks\Cinder-KCB2\src\Kinect2.cpp(1167,38): error C2280: 'Kinect2::Device::Process &Kinect2::Device::Process::operator =(const Kinect2::Device::Process &)': attempting to reference a deleted function
1>D:\Developer\Libraries\Cinder-0.9.3\blocks\Cinder-KCB2\src\Kinect2.h(416): message : compiler has generated 'Kinect2::Device::Process::operator =' here
1>D:\Developer\Libraries\Cinder-0.9.3\blocks\Cinder-KCB2\src\Kinect2.h(416,2): message : 'Kinect2::Device::Process &Kinect2::Device::Process::operator =(const Kinect2::Device::Process &)': function was implicitly deleted because a data member invokes a deleted or inaccessible function 'std::atomic<bool> &std::atomic<bool>::operator =(const std::atomic<bool> &)'
1>C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.28.29333\include\atomic(2166,13): message : 'std::atomic<bool> &std::atomic<bool>::operator =(const std::atomic<bool> &)': function was explicitly deleted

This library was updated 5 years ago, and it’s possible the recent VS versions are causing this error. I have not encountered this error before, and am unsure how to proceed.


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You’re likely running into some variation of this. Try initializing the two std::atomic_bools properly inline in the header.

std::atomic_bool mNewData{false}; // or atomic_flag_init? Can't remember off the top of my head.
std::atomic_bool mRunning{false};

Since you’re using the kinect you’re pretty much guaranteed to be tethered to windows, and i’m not sure that it’s possible to get a torn read/write on a boolean on any version of windows, so you could probably get away with using regular bool (possibly volatile) instead of std::atomic_bool.

This is terrible advice and I absolutely wouldn’t use it in production but if you just want to get up and running so you can test the kinect it’s probably fine.


There’s an issue on github about this with a solution similar to @lithium’s suggestion.

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@gabor_papp I did not find that issue before but following that solution solved it, thanks!