Build Cinder v0.9.1 on VS2017


I’m new to here and want to create some cinder project for volume rendering. However I cannot correctly build the cinder.lib from …\cinder_0.9.1_vc2013\proj\vc2015_winrt. When building the solution, the error message shows like this:

C4996 ‘std::tr2’: warning STL4018: The non-Standard std::tr2::sys namespace is deprecated and will be REMOVED. It is superseded by std::filesystem. You can define _SILENCE_TR2_SYS_NAMESPACE_DEPRECATION_WARNING to acknowledge that you have received this warning.

My VS2017 bases on W10 SDK(10.0.17763.0) and v141 toolsets. I will appreciate if someone can give some suggestions.


try building the vc2015 project instead. You could also copy the vc2015 folder and rename it to vc2017, then open it in Visual Studio 2017 and upgrade it. If that fails, too, feel free to checkout my fork of Cinder with the working project files for Visual Studio 2017.


P.S.: I wanted to add the vc2017 to the official Cinder release, but for proper maintenance we would also have to add the required setup for Continuous Integration. That way, we are able to tell if changes work on all supported setups. Sadly, I lacked the knowledge to do this properly. I am sure official support for vc2017 will be added in the near future.

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Thank you Paul, finally I built the project with the version of Git and vc2015 would be the answer. If someone still confuses on this issue, I hope they would see this thread, try to build the proj in vc2015 or vc2017 from Paul’s repository.


Just to offer an alternative to anyone who might be looking into this, Cinder’s CMake configuration works quite nicely with VS 2017 built-in CMake support through the Open Folder functionality.

Simply open the folder Cinder/proj/cmake with VS 2017, choose your configuration ( Debug vs Release etc. ) and you are ready to compile. Same goes for any of the samples.