Cinder Lab in NYC - Regular Meetups for Cinder Devs

Hi all,

A few of us New York folks have been meeting a couple times a month to work on the project in a group setting, and we wanted to extend an invitation to others in the community who are in the area. We’re calling it ‘Cinder Lab’, which has really been more of a programming work session than anything else so far. We’ve been graciously provided a room a Parson’s School of Design for our sessions, so if you’d like to come by and join in, please do!

We’re trying to keep somewhat organized with Google Events, so if you’re planning to drop by then you can RSVP for the next one, which will be a week from today.

We’re still trying to work through how we can keep people informed of future events. Right now I’m sending out invitations to people who have attended before or have shown interest, I’m happy to do the same for anyone who RSVP’s, also open to suggestions on better ways to go about this. Looking forward to meeting other cindering New Yorkers (or people passing through)!



Hey @rich.e getting a 404 on the link…

Sounds great. I think London needs one of these too :slight_smile:

Shame I wont be able to make it on the 11th but I am passing through NY from 19th - 24th oct so might reach out nearer the time to see if anyone is free around then. It would be cool to hear / see what you guys are up to.

Not sure what the 404 issue is, event is public so it should work from anywhere. If someone can figure out why please enlighten me. :slight_smile: Let us know if the problem continues.

@felixfaire cool to hear you’ll be passing though NYC soon! I think we’ll have another session during that timeframe, but I’m sure we can meet up one way or another anyway.

Awesome, will try to make it tonight. Was also getting a 404 on the event but was able to RSVP yes via an invite. Strangely enough I can see the event in Incognito mode, but get a 404 as soon as I log in.

I think it will show 404 when signed in using corporation email account from Google.
It seems like using personal Gmail account or not signing in at all will see the page correctly. :joy:

Hi all,

Just wanted to say thanks to the guys who made it out to the last meetup, it was great to get to spend time with some other cinder folks and also to share a few things we’re working on. I just posted the google event for the meetup on next Monday, October 23rd. Moving forward I’m just planning to make the events without posting here so please check back on the Cinder org google+ page, also if you end up RSVP’ing to an event then I think you’ll get recurring invites as reminders.



What time will you guys be there from? Looking forward to it.

Hi all,

Cinder Lab took a little hiatus over the holidays, but we’re all set to resume in a slightly modified format this year - we’re planning to meet the last Tuesday of every month. If your in the NYC area and would like to work or talk about things cinder, feel free to come by! Please RSVP on the google event for February 27th. After you’ve RSVP’ed, I’ll add you to the event list so you get notifications of future event dates.


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Tried to rsvp but getting a 404

This seems to happen when you have a Gmail account that’s part of an organization and not just a personal account. If you have Google Inbox, you can RSVP from the email preview and open the event in incognito to get the details :man_shrugging:

Latest Cinder Lab google event up:

Note we’re starting a tad later because of some of our work schedules. Please RSVP and hope to see you there!


Hi there!
Are these meetup’s still happening? I’m heading to new york next week and 18feb - 21feb. Would be nice to meet other cinder fellows =)