Cinder Linux Status

Hi All,

I’ve been poking around the GitHub issues and it looks like there is a pretty good number of features that are currently unimplemented for Linux. A few have unmerged PRs and others have been flagged, but discussion has dropped off.

Does anyone here have an interest in pushing Linux support forward?
@rich.e - it seems like you may be or have been working on this.

Hi there,

Certainly interest in filling in the empty spots on linux, I think it’s largely a matter of testing and that at least I don’t (usually) end up using Linux during day work. Though if changes are kept tidy and to a minimum, and there is a bit of positive feedback on the PR from the community, I don’t see why they can’t be merged.

I’ve personally not been in front of my computer much the last few weeks, but that’ll inevitably change in the future and I do hope to take a look at many of the outstanding PRs (for starters, things related to cmake).


Hi Rich,

Thanks so much!
I’ll look for places where I can help make a dent too.

All the best,

The one I’d especially like to get solved is #1853 - any insights or leads on that one?