Re: Status of Linux Fork

Hi there,

This is carried over from blakemcconnell’s post on the old forum:

Hi, I’m strongly considering using Cinder for some production code targeting Ubuntu 16.04 x64. What is the status of video and audio support at this time? I was able to build Cinder, dependencies and examples but the Quicktime samples crash immediately at runtime. I looked around but was unable to find current documentation on the state of this effort.


Video and audio (output only, input is still on the todo list) are both supported on linux. Details are on Hai’s original RFC post here.

I’m not sure what problems you’re having with the quicktime samples on linux. Are you using the latest android_linux branch? By the way, there is a largish video refactor going on right now in this pull request, I’m sure @petros would love testers and feedback if you’re up for it.


Hi from me also,

for video I would strongly recommend to test the PR that Rich mentioned. I think the link got missed though – You can find it here .

That said, the current implementation that exists on the android_linux branch should not crash on startup so I am not sure what exactly is happening there without having more info ( backtrace, system config, GPU vendor etc ) . In any case the current way to go for video playback on Linux should be the PR I have opened since there has been a lot of work and testing since the very initial implementation.

Also FWIW I just finished a couple of weeks ago a project involving two medium-sized installations ( 4k video playback being a requirement ) in a production setup with Cinder on Linux and things have worked great in general.

Give a try on the refactor code and lets us know how it goes!


thanks for the info @rich.e @petros. the video example crash issue on Linux could be happening for a variety of reasons. thanks for confirming that video and audio playback are supported in this branch–I needed to know that before proceeding down the rabbit hole to figure out the source of the playback issue :slight_smile:

@petros I’ll be glad to try out the PR that you suggest. I’ll let you know how it goes and share any feedback. thanks again!