Distributing OSX Mojave Apps with Assets


My Cinder app runs fine on the computer on which it was built and on any computer if I run from terminal (Show Package Contents-> Contents/MacOS/ExecutableName). If double-clicked as a normal app, it fails to load an XML config file from the Assets folder.

So, this must be an OSX/Mojave security issue as I also did not have this issue under OSX 10.12 and previous with Cinder. I am Code Signing my app with my Mac Developer license, but I notice the first time I’m prompted to launch the app on another computer there is a Yellow exclamation icon and it says this app is from unidentified developer… etc. So, the code signing is not working… is this because I need to code sign all libraries Cinder uses? Has anyone found a solution for distributing Cinder apps on Mojave?