Publish to Mac/iOs App Store

Hi, I’ve started using Cinder and have done some development using OpenFrameworks. I’d like to know whether anyone in this forum has experience with publishing their apps to the Apple App store? There are a couple of links to developers who wish to use Cinder to publish to the Windows Store (and discusses the use of DirectX) but I can’t see any recent examples of deploying to the Apple store.

I guess it is possible to do this but Does anyone have any tutorials you could direct me to?



I’ve done a couple times for the iOS store.
I don’t think there are any special things you need to deal with - the default tinderbox project works just fine.

The only thing I know is that starting 0.9.1 cinder is default to es3

  • if you want to support really old devices you need to change the macro and recompile cinder.

  • seph

Thanks Seph that’s very helpful and reassures me that I’m making the right choice in transitioning to develop apps using Cinder.