'filesystem' and 'cannot open file ‘cinder.lib’' errors in some 0.9.3dev samples


I am using Cinder 0.9.3dev cloned recursively from the master branch in VS2019. BasicApp and many other apps compile and run without an issue. Though for those samples (and some other code of mine) that depend upon ‘filesystem’, I’ve switched to use C++17. When I do this, I get another error: LNK1104: cannot open file ‘cinder.lib’

Okay, I conflated two different errors. Here is the fix, as applies to some of the samples in Cinder 0.9.3dev run in vs2019, for example those in the _svg directory.

  1. ‘filesystem’ is not a member of ‘std’

The fix for this is to switch the C++ Language Standard from ‘Default’ to C++17 (via the Project Properties).

  1. cannot open file ‘cinder.lib’

The fix for this is to change the configuration from Win32 to x64 (via the Configuration Manager).